1. David Buss is mostly known for his work on human mating behaviors. I consider him part of the HBD sphere because he emphasizes biological factors in shaping mating behavior, rather than culture or upbringing. He takes exception to culturalists, gender denialists (feminists), and others who use social science to explain male/female di.cfrenfeseHe is not nearly as abrasive as Kanazawa, of course, and he also sometimes does what's necessary to get published, but overall he leans in the direction of biology.

  2. "I Dream of Jeannie" is probably my favorite sitcom EVER! (And, I too, always call him Major Nelson – I can never remember his real name!) I'm really tempted to buy the complete series, too.I've only seen about fifteen or twenty episodes that were taped years ago and I've watched a million times. I love the episode when his mother comes to take care of him!

  3. Verden er et rart sted. Så rart at vi kanskje skal være glad til for at vi snart (relativt sett) skal forlate stedet? Skulle man vært her en hel evighet hadde man nok blitt alldeles gal i hodet.

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  7. "Well, I am no longer intereseted in reading your blog due to your partisan blathering."I'm sure we're all sorry to see you go. Thanks for contributing to the debate in such a thought-provoking way. This is how we all learn. :P

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